Somewhere on the Eastern Shore…

This site is owned and maintained by Stan Frantz. I pay all related expenses and have been and remain the only person whose time has been donated to its ongoing (and often sporadic) composition, editing, review, and publishing of content.

I have created it and posted it online to share my love of this beautiful place on earth.

In its original conception I had hoped it would also be a way for the owners and residents to share their experiences there and to engage in productive communication regarding events and other topics of interest to their fellow owners but there was little interest.

It was in the past briefly used as a means of publicizing notices to reach the ownership passed on to us from the Community Association or posted in collaboration with the current president Brian McCourt.

As a new site is was created for the Abbecombec Community Association (now defunct unfortunately) this site will be used solely by me for my own blogging about my favorite place on earth.