The Bay

Abbecombec comes from a Mi’kmaq word abegunbek which translates as a ‘bending bay’ or curving bay. Clam Bay is one of the few of those on the much more convoluted coast of Nova Scotia and as such has miles of sand beaches to explore.

I’m fortunate that I found and then, much to my amazement, was able to buy a lot on top of the drumlin that forms the eastern end of Abbecombec, approximately in the center of Clam Bay. It affords me spectacular views of Clam Bay in both directions, Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park to the east, and to the west from my living room windows, our 2 miles of private beaches. It is a view that sends me running for my camera/phone at all times of the day thinking: ‘oh my gosh, I have to get a picture of that!’

Here’s just a few culled from this past summer’s visit 2018 and 2017.