The Beaches

We are privileged to have 2 miles of private beach. The main beach which I named Shangri La, is between the slough where the tidal estuary drains into the ocean alongside a rock jetty and on the eastern end a small rocky headland referred to as The Park by the locals, and which I call Gazebos. That is the name I gave it when first coming upon the surf spots on either side due to the half dozen gazebos that dotted it’s perimeter. On either side of this beach are mile long beaches simply called West Beach and East Beach.

I have literally 10,000s of photos, sometimes as many as 500 from a single walk on the beach. It is one of my favorite places on this earth and a place of serenity and joy for me personally, and wonder and exhilaration and peace and awe and so much more. Walk it alone, with a special friend, with your life partner, or best of all in my own humble opinion, with your canine companion and let his exuberance and unrestrained happiness infect you as you romp together.