Abbecombec Specs

A lot has changed in the past couple years, but the basic information is still pertinent but at the moment I can’t guarantee everything below is still accurate. I’ve updated values as of February 2022. More notes are below.

The Abbecombec Ocean Village is now owned by a mortgage investment company in Toronto called HarbourEdge Capital Corp. The development’s real estate property consisting of the unsold developed lots and undeveloped parcels is officially owned by HarbourEdge Realty Administration. The Co-op, the allied entity which holds the deed to the common lands and is responsible for maintenance issues and fee collection as specified in the License Agreement, is called HarbourEdge Investment Corporation.

Contact me if you have questions or an interest in forming a partnership and buying this amazing property from HarbourEdge.

There are 8 large parcels and 53 surveyed lots not sold to private owners. One of those is next to the common lands building and field, lot #300, and has a large cinder block building in bad shape. Formerly used by the previous developer for his offices and storage of maintenance equipment.

Located on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

  • 65 kms east of Halifax, Nova Scotia on Route 7
  • 4 kms south of Lake Charlotte on Clam Harbor Road
  • One hour from the Halifax Stanfield International Airport
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Flight Times

New York City/Newark1 hour 40 minutes
Boston1 hour 20 minutes
Philadelphia1 hour 50 minutes
Washington, D.C.2 hours 6 minutes
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale3 hours 40 minutes
Detroit2 hours 30 minutes
Chicago3 hours
Dallas/Ft. Worth or Houston4 hours 30 minutes
Los Angeles6 hours 25 minutes
San Francisco6 hours 35 minutes
Seattle6 hours
Montreal1 hour 30 minutes
Toronto2 hours 5 minutes
Edmonton or Calgary5 hours 10 minutes
Vancouver6 hours

Unsold Lots Owned by HarbourEdge

At HarbourEdge’s request most of the lots in the development were reassessed in 2018 and assessed value reduced. The ones already very low remained the same. This is good news, as the tax burden while they are held is reduced, while market values and potential interest in sales now seem to be on the upswing.

UPDATED: 2-18-2022

2O21 Saw a huge surge in home buying from out of province buyers driven to relocate by the COVID pandemic. They drove the prices to insane levels, bidding well over the listed price for homes, and lots. Lots that hadn’t sold for years at rock bottom prices in Abbecombec, suddenly were selling for astronomical amounts 3 and 4 times assessed value. In turn all the lots were reassessed. HarbourEdge sold a good number of their previously unmarketed lots but the rise in assessment of the remaining ones did not dent the overall value of the development as an investment.

#Lot IDPIDAANAssessmentListedPriceLocal Address
1240512758764531715000Yes33000Nebooktook Walk
26040520983765203815000No300007 Kaakwogook Way
411140513251764587215000No080 Nebooktook Walk
512540513368764603815000No09 Soonul Lane
612640513350764604615000No05 Soonul Lane
71294055763976876725300No5000073 Sesip Noodak Way
81304055764776876805300No067 Sesip Noodak Way
91314055765476876995300No061 Sesip Noodak Way
111334055767076877105300No010 Lipkudomoonk Path
121454055779576878505300No300009 Lipukdamoonk Path
131464055780376878695300No05 LIpkudamoonk Path
141474055781176878775300No00 Sesip Noodak Way
151484055782976878855300No045 Sesip Noodak Way
161504055783776878935300No00 Sesip Noodak Way
171514055784576879075300No040 Sesip Noodak Way
181524055785276879155300No054 Sesip Noodak Way
191534055786076879235300No060 Sesip Noodak Way
201544055787876879315300No064 Sesip Noodak Way
211554055788676879585300No070 Sesip Noodak Way
2215740557902768797412800No00 Sesip Noodak Way
231584055791076879825300No06 Sesip Noodak Way
241594055799076879905300No012 Sesip Noodak Way
251604055793676880085300No018 Sesip Noodak Way
261624055794476880165300No028 Sesip Noodak Way
271634055795176880245300No00 Sesip Noodak Way
281654055797776880405300No023 Sesip Noodak Way
291664055798576880595300No019 Sesip Noodak Way
301674055799376880675300No015 Sesip Noodak Way
311684055800976880755300No011 Sesip Noodak Way
321694055801776880835300No05 Sesip Noodak Way
3317040543514767205515000No45000Sesip Nookdak Way
34243412475291029775325000Yes33000218 Boosit Lane
35244412475371029776125000Yes33000242 Boosit Lane
36295412475601029779618800No0460 Okooda Path
37296412475781029780118800No0480 Okooda Path
38297412475861029781818800No0500 Okooda Path
39298412475941029782618800No0520 Okooda Path

Total Assessed Value of HarbourEdge Lots: $375,500 CAN as of February 2022

Undeveloped Parcels

Most of these parcels were recently reassessed and tax burden reduced as a result with two exceptions.

  • The common lands were nearly doubled in value and are now subject to a commercial use tax on top of that, going from around $600 to $2700. My inquiry to the assessor revealed that this increase in assessment was due to a more current valuation on the old Recreation Building which must be assessed for commercial use, regardless of actual use. I have not at this time discovered the reason for the addition of a commercial use tax which was not applied in the past, but would assume it is due to the reassessment of its commercial value. I believe that the common lands (which include the building) may not be developed or used commercially and must be provided for owners recreational use according to the License Agreement, so I think this could be appealed.
  • The large parcel to the west, PID 41213075, remained at the old assessed value. It is suspected this one was neglected in the request for reassessment.
Parcel AcresAssessmentPIDFor SaleNotes
1 10066000 40199705 xPhase 5 in old plan. Not Owned by HarbourEdge.
Still owned by prior bankrupt/deceased owner.
Try to acquire at tax sale
2 81.550100 41054024 xPhase 2. Partially developed.
3 158.552400 41213075 xExplore possibly excluding this one,
no market to develop lots
4 9425300 41306242 xAlong most of Nebooktook Walk, the back road.
Explore possibly excluding this one.
5 102.527100 41213083 x
Explore possibly excluding this one, 
no market for lots
6 43.516300 40805814 $200,000Grassy lake. Best opportunity to develop and sell waterfront lots.
7 10528400 40805798 xMostly swampy wetlands, but has small main road access at corner for division into a couple lots. Suggest cede majority to common lands, wildlife refuge
8 2017600 603811 xOutside main development on main road. Possible future commercial development for retailers oriented to summer visitors and local daily needs
9 1338420040805780 xCommon Lands No true resale value, as it cannot be developed or used commercially, but must be preserved for use by the lot owners. Therefore it is the key value added property to sell future lots.
Due to license agreement must cede to owners at development completion. Must maintain until then by collecting fees from owners. 
Previous assessment $93,300 CAN

Total Assessed Value of HarbourEdge Parcels: $367,400 CAN

Total Assessed Value of All Parcels in Original Plan: $742,900CAN


More Specifications

  • 61 parcel subdivision comprised of 52 approved zoned (single family residential) lots with infrastructure, 1 lot with large concrete building, and 8 large land parcels
  • Lots are between 1 and 5 acres each
  • 2 miles of sandy beach deeded as community property for the lot owners
  • Private electronic gated access to the community
  • +/- 132 lots of the original subdivision have been sold; with +/- 22 homes constructed.
  • Current lot owners pay annual dues of $355. (Varies depending on projected budget)
  • Covenants, conditions and restrictions (CCR’s) are in place
  • There are 500 acres which have not yet been subdivided for a development total of approximately 950 acres.
  • Street signage is in place on 5 miles of gravel roads
  • Zoning: Mixed Use