UPDATE ON GREEN BUILDING! It’s been subdivided!

A new lot has been created from our common lands.

New Lot
Aerial View

On September 27, I discovered on Viewpoint.com that a lot containing the green building was subdivided from the common lands and now has its own PID. Upon further research, I found that this lot is still owned by HarbourEdge.

(I have not learned at this time which entity holds the new deed, the “coop,” or the “developer.” These roles are described in our License Agreement.)

As you know from prior emails, I obtained a legal opinion that found that our License Agreement prohibits such subdivision. Even though it is legally contestable, we would need to retain a lawyer to file an injunction to stop this. HarbourEdge has forced my law firm to remove themselves by claiming a conflict of interest as a former client.

A number of Abbecombec property owners did inform HarbourEdge that they opposed the company’s proposed actions subsequent to my prior request.

I, for one, received no replies to my emails. Apparently, HarbourEdge thinks that they can do as they please and we won’t take action to stop them.

I strongly urge those of you who care about Abbecombec to contact HarbourEdge immediately. Let them know that you oppose our common lands being subdivided and sold off without regard for our legal rights. 

Larry Dunn, CEO
Phone  705.443.8156 
or if you can’t get through to him
Alan Riddell, Controller
Phone  705.443.8156 (Ext. 225) 

If one of you is a lawyer, or knows a lawyer who will take the appropriate action, please send a cease and desist letter ASAP.

We will then need to come together and create a strategy to stop this illegal sale of our common lands once and for all.

If you would like to refresh your knowledge of this situation, please visit my website abbecombec.ca. There you can find the history of this conflict, review the legal opinions, and read the previous demand letter, which HarbourEdge ignored. 

No one likes to take legal action; I certainly don’t. I’ve never had to resort to doing so in my life. However, the continual disregard for HarbourEdge’s legal obligations to us, as demonstrated by their CEO and contractor, is simply not acceptable.

They can’t be allowed to take advantage of us any longer. I truly hope many of you will take action and come together and help stop this potential subdivision and sale from happening.

Thank you,
Stanley R. Frantz
Owner Lots 18, 20


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