Abbecombec Explodes!

George loves the beach

Not literally.

But sales and resales have exploded. Close to 50 lots have changed hands and maybe a dozen more are pending sales.

This means lots of new owners and potentially lots of new homes being built.

The introverts among us may not be too happy about the masses flooding in, and although I am one of those types, I remain optimistic that the new owners will be more actively engaged in preserving and protecting the qualities of our special place while working together to improve and enhance existing infrastructure and amenities.

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A Simple Request

Buildings on the pond

In order to make it as easy as possible for lot owners at Abbecombec to indicate their opposition to any potential abrogation by HarbourEdge of our license agreement regarding the common lands, such as subdividing and selling a portion to anyone, I’ve posted a form below for you to fill in and submit.

The most urgent and current important issue is the potential subdivision and sale of the portion containing the green building. This simply cannot be allowed.

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Action & Action Now!

Note: If you are already familiar with the issue and want to show your support quickly, there is now a more direct way to indicate your opposition to the subdivision and sale of a piece of the common land here: A Simple Request

An urgent message to all Abbecombec Lot Owners

Emailed March 17, 2020

My fellow Abbecombec lot owners, it is with deep concern and urgency that I reach out to all of you today.

It was announced some time ago, via the Facebook Group, that HarbourEdge is considering subdividing off a portion of our common lands, specifically a parcel containing the green building, aka the Rec building (the building is specifically mentioned in our License Agreement as part of the common lands.) They allegedly plan on conveying ownership to Mr. Ralph Bayers, together with the nearby parcel which contains the brown building. (HarbourEdge owns this lot, PID 40580094, separately. It is not common land.)

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