Before & After

Last summer’s ‘work’ at the point was disappointing to say the least. My complaints and requests for explanation of why this was done and why the cut brush was not cleaned up had gone unanswered and unaddressed for months. When a reply was finally obtained it was unsatisfactory to say the least. It was claimed that no one else had complained and therefore they were fine with the outcome and the matter was considered closed.

I am livid. Not just because of the unneeded and permanent destruction of a beautiful and treasured resource but because of the initial stonewalling and finally their refusal to take responsibility or admit this is a tragic mess or even  finish cleaning it up. Since they deemed it not a problem, they refused addressing how to avoid this again in the future by communicating with a designated owner’s rep beforehand as had been agreed. 

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As powerful as I think the image I posted above is in conveying so much of the meditative experience of walking along this incredible beach at extreme low tide, alone but for George and the sea birds, with the fog sliding in and out, the constantly changing light of the mist obscured sun floating hither and thither to make illusions of ghosts running past and of fleeting mystic sparkling apparitions dancing in wet shining mirrors–moving, shifting, alive, but so still and quiet–it’s not enough. It’s never enough. You had to be there.

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