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Last summer’s ‘work’ at the point was disappointing to say the least. My complaints and requests for explanation of why this was done and why the cut brush was not cleaned up had gone unanswered and unaddressed for months. When a reply was finally obtained it was unsatisfactory to say the least. It was claimed that no one else had complained and therefore they were fine with the outcome and the matter was considered closed.

I am livid. Not just because of the unneeded and permanent destruction of a beautiful and treasured resource but because of the initial stonewalling and finally their refusal to take responsibility or admit this is a tragic mess or even  finish cleaning it up. Since they deemed it not a problem, they refused addressing how to avoid this again in the future by communicating with a designated owner’s rep beforehand as had been agreed. 

Help me hold the developer, the property manager and the contractor who did this accountable and do what can be done to rectify this tragedy.

Better yet, invest with me to buy it from them and see to it that it is managed with care and reverence for nature in the future.

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Feedback on Beach Park Tree and Brush Cutting

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Update April 1, 2019: Good News! Bad News.

Good news. They finally cleaned up the cut brush off the land where our beautiful young trees and shrubs once stood.

Bad news. It looks like they dumped a lot of it over the edge of the ocean in front. And it looks like a war zone. 

It’s hard for me to tell from the picture but I think this brush is newly dumped here because it’s all loose and fresh looking, and I don’t have any pictures of this area from last fall because I suspect at that time there wasn’t any dumped there. If this is where I think it is, on the most exposed, south facing edge of the little round reef on which our park sits, the next big storm will likely wash it away and onto the beach elsewhere.

Good news. (If you’re a hopeful and dedicated optimist.) Soon wildflowers and ferns and other fresh new undergrowth will sprout and at least turn it green again. And in time new shrub and spruce seedlings will rise and in 20 years it will look again as beautiful as it did before they cut it all down.



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